Edible Book Festival


The Edible Book Festival is something that has been going on since about 2000 all over the world.  Entrants create works of art, using food, to depict a book; with many of them being very punny indeed!  Our local university’s library has been participating in this event for just a few years, however, it was only two days ago that I even first heard of it.

The event took place yesterday morning at 10 am.  That is extremely early for me.  I had wanted to go and see this, but wasn’t going to set an alarm.  Turns out I didn’t need to, as I woke up fifty minutes before it started, so figured I’d go.  I also took my dad along since he’s an early rises and enjoys reading and food.

I also took some photos.

unnamed (1)
Les Miserables – Caroline Pruitt
unnamed (5)
Are You My Mother? – Margo Lamunyon & Somer Jones
unnamed (7)
Hidden Valley of the Dolls – Jennifer Brannock
unnamed (13)
The Crepes of Wrath – Josh Cromwell
unnamed (17)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – Hannah Davis
unnamed (14)
One Flew Over the Couscous Nest – Michele Frasier-Robinson
unnamed (10)
Winnie the Pooh – Madeline Thornton & Chantel Rivera
unnamed (11)
The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Kelsey Smith & Deanna Cheathem
unnamed (16)
The Giving Tree – Lauren Vaughn
unnamed (8)
The Picture of Dorian Grey Poupon – Elena Azadbakht
unnamed (3)
A Farewell to Arms – Jennifer Culley

Now, I’d like to say something about librarians.  Not, librarians in general, just about librarians and about yesterday morning.  So, I waved or spoke to three librarians.  This is important because my dad was wondering how I’d become so popular all of a sudden, because he was noticing these interactions, which was a bit amusing.

Reminds me of my sisters reactions when the postal workers at the downtown post office are so chatty or friendly with me and we knew each other on a first name basis.  She too was wondering how I was so popular there.  It’s funny, but anywho.  I’ll simply be calling the mall “the librarian” because I’m not sure they’d want their names flashed out into the void of ethernet; but it’s not because I don’t know their names.  I’m even facebook friends with three of them, though there are four I’ll be talking about briefly.

The first librarian I waved to, happens to be someone that both my dad and I know.  She’s married to a family friend and we’ve known her for, gosh, about twenty three years or so.

The next two librarians sort of go hand in hand.  They recognize me because I helped out during my sisters crystal workshop, which they attended last year.  I recently went to a book sale at the library earlier in the month and they were both there.  The one that I waved to upon exiting the library yesterday was there and then I remember her from that workshop and the next two essential oil classes that they attended, which my sister was teaching.

The librarian that I spoke to today, I also spoke to at the book sale.  I’d seen her at almost all of the library sponsored Big Read Edgar Allen Poe films, discussions, lectures, etc two years ago.  Which was the first time I’d seen her, but remember her from those.  I also saw her at a Bicentennial lecture just a week before the book sale.  I had been present, and came back in to ask a question and trip over the projection cord.

How did she remember me though, at the book sale?  As the essential oil girl.  o_0  Funny, because I believe that title should technically belong to my sister, as they’re her classes.  And I’d tripped right in front of her, but I’m not sure she remembered me from that lecture that had just happened.  But, both of them are friends and have attended my sisters classes together, which is why I say that they go hand in hand.  They also each had a piece in the Edible Books Event.

The fourth librarian I neither waved or spoke to.  I would have liked to, but she disappeared, probably behind one of the doors near the area that lead back to the tech rooms.  Though we are facebook friends, I’m not entirely sure she remembers me.  I don’t let it bother me as she only knew me for a few months (like three), fifteen years ago.  We both worked together at that very library which I was in yesterday for this Edible Books event.

My friend and I were student employees in the tech area.  Sadly I can’t remember what my friend did, but I sewed musical scores into bindings by hand, while this librarian bound books.  The three of us sort of made a triangle with our work areas and were no farther than perhaps ten feet from each other.  I should say something, in private message on facebook, to the tune of, “you might not remember me, but…”; however, I’m kind of a shy person and though it’s probably awkward I’m not very good with ending conversations online (or on the phone), but in person, that seems easier.  So, I haven’t said anything and we’ve been FB friends for two years now.

But, the point was that it is strange that I hardly know these people or hang out with them, but that we get on alright for not being BFF’s or anything.  I like them and they’re quite amiable, but it’s funny that my family thinks I’m so popular at either this library or the post office, and I suppose in a way that I am.  Though popular is a correct term for this scenario, it does bring to mind a certain person and archetype, which doesn’t convey well here as I’m not their cheerleader queen overlord.  I suppose to put it into a better perspective, we’ll say that I’m well liked.  That seems to suit.  Or liked enough in the capacity of that I am becoming recognizable.


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