Sweet Thanksgiving

I tried some new recipes this year and they all turned out smashingly, even if there were a few slight mishaps along the way.  The savoury one’s are in this post.

In this post I’ll talk about the two sweet recipes I made; one new and one an old favourite.  Cookies and Pie; by the way it’s the first pie I ever made.


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Edible Book Festival


The Edible Book Festival is something that has been going on since about 2000 all over the world.  Entrants create works of art, using food, to depict a book; with many of them being very punny indeed!  Our local university’s library has been participating in this event for just a few years, however, it was only two days ago that I even first heard of it.

The event took place yesterday morning at 10 am.  That is extremely early for me.  I had wanted to go and see this, but wasn’t going to set an alarm.  Turns out I didn’t need to, as I woke up fifty minutes before it started, so figured I’d go.  I also took my dad along since he’s an early rises and enjoys reading and food.

I also took some photos.

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How America Lost ‘The Key to Chinese Cooking’


A friend of mine, today, shared this wonderfully bitter-sweet article by Mayuhk Sen via Food52.com; How America Lost ‘The Key to Chinese Cooking’.

It’s a beautifully written article, both poignant and somewhat magical; about the life and times of Irene Kuo; her wealthy childhood in 1920s Shanghai to the bustling world of mid-century New York.  I can almost taste the food as Sen describes it and envision myself at one of Kuo’s opulent Tree restaurants in Manhattan in the early 1960s.

Though I had never heard of her, she was a big deal in her time (mid 50s – late 70s) only for both her, and her book, to fall into obscurity.  Of course, now, I wish to seek out her book, but an article being written about her only made everyone else want to rush out and find a used copy of her out-of-print tome.  Perhaps someday I will stumble upon this Chinese cookery book, I dreamily imagine at a quaint used bookstore in an adorable village or downtown area somewhere.

But, in the meantime I’m glad to have read this article, to know something about this woman and her strides in the field of cooking; bringing her homeland closer to her.  Go give it a read, it’s well worth it.