The Stress Reliever

Baking Makes Me Happy…


Came across this article yesterday, Feeling Stressed?  Baking Can Make It Better., and I felt it was definitely worth a share.  I was already a firm believer that baking makes one happy (as evidenced by my photo with caption and tags from two years ago…) at least for me personally, so, it’s interesting to see that scientists in the UK did a study on the subject.  

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Mississippians Love Food


Came across this Only in your State mini article today; 10 Things Mississippians Can’t Help But Be Picky About, and I couldn’t help but share it here because nine out of the ten things are all about food.

While I can’t personally agree with everything on the list, it is certainly true that Mississippians are really big on food.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Sunday dinner, Thanksgiving, a wedding, a funeral, or a Tuesday;  Mississippians love food.  And while this list doesn’t encompass everything when talking about food and Mississippians, it is a rather good list to be getting on with.

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Edible Book Festival


The Edible Book Festival is something that has been going on since about 2000 all over the world.  Entrants create works of art, using food, to depict a book; with many of them being very punny indeed!  Our local university’s library has been participating in this event for just a few years, however, it was only two days ago that I even first heard of it.

The event took place yesterday morning at 10 am.  That is extremely early for me.  I had wanted to go and see this, but wasn’t going to set an alarm.  Turns out I didn’t need to, as I woke up fifty minutes before it started, so figured I’d go.  I also took my dad along since he’s an early rises and enjoys reading and food.

I also took some photos.

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A Well Stocked Kitchen: Soups

Homemade Chili

To someone who is unfamiliar with cookery, the sheer amount of information can make ones head swim!  There’s always room for tweaking to personal preference, but when I started expanding my knowledge I was utterly befuddled by all the tools and gadgets and the myriad of spices the world has to offer.

There’s a lot of stuff out there; a lot of really cool things and a lot of things you really don’t need.  So, for basic cookery I’ve put together lists, divided by sections, on the handy items to have around.  If you decide to delve further into specific foods obviously you can expand your kitchen, but for now this’ll do ya just fine.

Soups encompass quite a bit of territory on its own; soups, chili’s, stocks, broths, bases and roux’s, stews, and gumbo.  You might not currently make these things, but they are good territory to ease yourself into, if you’re wishing to expand your cookery.  This post will tell you what you need to accomplish this.

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Frying Bacon

unnamed (7)

I was frying up some bacon today to make a lovely bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich and figured I would show y’all my preferred method of bacon making.  Ha!  Bacon making is funny to say.  Anywho…

You might prefer to nuke yours in the microwave.  I, however, do not own a microwave.  I did, but not anymore; and really frying up bacon always tasted better to me than the microwaved version.  So, let’s talk about the love of bacon, as well as bacon grease and the wonderfully lovely things you can use it for!

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100 Years of Family Dinners

I always love to view’s 100 Years of Beauty videos, but I had no idea that they made a food one; back in 2015 with 100 Years of Family Dinners!


While it is highly fascinating, it is pretty gross, to me… partly… mainly for the dishes I didn’t like.  At the end they ask which dinner was your favourite, and I’ve got answers!

Though I agree with my sister, who initially sent the video my way, that their version of fondue doesn’t look all that appetizing, we both really do love fondue, so 1975 would definitely go onto my list.  I also adore tacos, so 1995 would make my list as well.  My final contender would be 1965, and while I’d heard the term Chicken Kiev before, I didn’t really know that it was just basically fried chicken from the nations of Russia, Ukraine, and Poland.  Yes, I will need to make a note of this so that I can make it at some point!

The picks for my sister were 1975’s fondue, along with 2005’s sushi, and 2015’s kale salad with quinoa, and salmon because she really likes those sorts of things.  However, she chose 1935; chipped beef on toast because she’s crazy about it.  While neither of us like peas, the 1935 food colours together did make a pretty dinner.

1915 – 1945 all looked very unappetizing to me.  Especially 1915 with what I imagine as very bland, non seasoned (and obviously non gravied) roast and potatoes.  It was just so sad looking.  Never been a fan of Chicken à la King (besides the fact that it was the only “hot” dish that looked cold, which made it seem worse), nor peas, nor chipped beef, nor spam.

While I didn’t like the look of that particular TV dinner (though I liked the packaging, my grandmother would serve us TV dinners on our first night over with her because while being an easy meal, she found it to be quaint, so I have a good memory with TV dinners though I don’t eat them now.

Having been born in 1980, I start having real knowledge of the dishes starting with 1985.  Not a fan of sloppy joes or box mac & cheese, but they certainly were spot on about what mid-80s families were eating.  And then there were the taco and sushi crazes and now healthier dishes.

I know that I’ve stated that this blog is all about a girl who LOVES food, and this post is reading like a girl who is “not a fan”.  Both are true.  I don’t always see food and want to immediately put it in my mouth (try it), but I appreciate it all, especially in a historical context such as this.  I am fascinated with food and what people have decided to find delicious in different regions and time periods.

So, I’m just as curious for your answers as I was for my sisters:  Which dish (or dishes) were your favourite?

Big Mama’s Fried Chicken

unnamed (13)

This is a recipe that I found via Pinterest.  It initially comes from Grandbaby Cakes’ founder Jocelyn Delk Adams, and this is her grandmothers recipe, but I found it through Food52’s article featuring Adams, her family, and this recipe for fried chicken.  I’m linking to the article because it’s nice to read a bit about the recipes’ beginnings, plus the recipe can be found in the article.

I wanted to try this recipe for several reasons.  It’s a heritage recipe, going back a few generations and I love those.  It’s fried chicken and I’m always looking for ways to do up fried chicken.  Her grandmother was from Mississippi (awww!  <3).  And lastly, this is a recipe from a black family.  I’ll agree that normally colour shouldn’t matter when discussing things, but certain foods are just better from different people because of their own spins on how they prepare it.  I’ve had white people fried chicken and black people fried chicken (and Choctaw fried chicken) – all southern fried – and I’ll pick the recipes from black people every time, if I can.

Now, I’m new (relatively speaking) to the ways of frying.  I’m still trying to master it (Knowing the techniques versus actually implementing them are two different things).  My dad’s fried chicken recipe is really, really good (and the chicken fried up by our Choctaw friends is pretty similar), however it’s a completely different type of fried chicken to what is prepared by black people, so to me that is highly important and these are the types of recipes that I am seeking out in regards to frying chicken.

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