Chocolate Sugar Crystal Geodes

A friend of my tipped me off to this and it’s absolutely incredible!  Students, Abby Wilcox and Alex Yeatts, of the Culinary Institute of America created gigantic chocolate sugar geodes with coloured sugar crystals, or rock candy inside.

I definitely won’t be attempting this as it took them 5  – 6 months of diligent work for this to happen.  But it is really amazing that they wanted to attempt this, followed through with the experiment not sure how it would turn out, and the results are truly spectacular.

Happy Watching!

I know the video starts off by giving all of the credits to Yeatts, but in the comments here, one is informed that it was a project which was conceived of and executed equally by both Wilcox and Yeatts; just so you are aware of the apparent discrepancy between my little write-up and that of the video.


100 Years of Family Dinners

I always love to view’s 100 Years of Beauty videos, but I had no idea that they made a food one; back in 2015 with 100 Years of Family Dinners!


While it is highly fascinating, it is pretty gross, to me… partly… mainly for the dishes I didn’t like.  At the end they ask which dinner was your favourite, and I’ve got answers!

Though I agree with my sister, who initially sent the video my way, that their version of fondue doesn’t look all that appetizing, we both really do love fondue, so 1975 would definitely go onto my list.  I also adore tacos, so 1995 would make my list as well.  My final contender would be 1965, and while I’d heard the term Chicken Kiev before, I didn’t really know that it was just basically fried chicken from the nations of Russia, Ukraine, and Poland.  Yes, I will need to make a note of this so that I can make it at some point!

The picks for my sister were 1975’s fondue, along with 2005’s sushi, and 2015’s kale salad with quinoa, and salmon because she really likes those sorts of things.  However, she chose 1935; chipped beef on toast because she’s crazy about it.  While neither of us like peas, the 1935 food colours together did make a pretty dinner.

1915 – 1945 all looked very unappetizing to me.  Especially 1915 with what I imagine as very bland, non seasoned (and obviously non gravied) roast and potatoes.  It was just so sad looking.  Never been a fan of Chicken à la King (besides the fact that it was the only “hot” dish that looked cold, which made it seem worse), nor peas, nor chipped beef, nor spam.

While I didn’t like the look of that particular TV dinner (though I liked the packaging, my grandmother would serve us TV dinners on our first night over with her because while being an easy meal, she found it to be quaint, so I have a good memory with TV dinners though I don’t eat them now.

Having been born in 1980, I start having real knowledge of the dishes starting with 1985.  Not a fan of sloppy joes or box mac & cheese, but they certainly were spot on about what mid-80s families were eating.  And then there were the taco and sushi crazes and now healthier dishes.

I know that I’ve stated that this blog is all about a girl who LOVES food, and this post is reading like a girl who is “not a fan”.  Both are true.  I don’t always see food and want to immediately put it in my mouth (try it), but I appreciate it all, especially in a historical context such as this.  I am fascinated with food and what people have decided to find delicious in different regions and time periods.

So, I’m just as curious for your answers as I was for my sisters:  Which dish (or dishes) were your favourite?