Chocolate Lace Sandwich Cookies

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Sometimes I get free subscriptions to various magazines; which while I do look at (some of) the content, I get them mainly for use in collages and to see the recipes.  I actually paid for a subscription to Sunset magazine as part of a school drive to help a friends son.  I may not be in the west, but it was nice to have recipes that aren’t the everyday of what’s shared by southern people or contained within the pages of magazines written for us.

I love chocolate lace cookies, so when I saw them in the December 2015 issue of Sunset Magazine, I promptly ripped it out and added it to my recipes binder, absolutely intending to make them.  It took a little over a year, but I did it.  They weren’t difficult, but they were a tiny bit tricky.

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Big Mama’s Fried Chicken

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This is a recipe that I found via Pinterest.  It initially comes from Grandbaby Cakes’ founder Jocelyn Delk Adams, and this is her grandmothers recipe, but I found it through Food52’s article featuring Adams, her family, and this recipe for fried chicken.  I’m linking to the article because it’s nice to read a bit about the recipes’ beginnings, plus the recipe can be found in the article.

I wanted to try this recipe for several reasons.  It’s a heritage recipe, going back a few generations and I love those.  It’s fried chicken and I’m always looking for ways to do up fried chicken.  Her grandmother was from Mississippi (awww!  <3).  And lastly, this is a recipe from a black family.  I’ll agree that normally colour shouldn’t matter when discussing things, but certain foods are just better from different people because of their own spins on how they prepare it.  I’ve had white people fried chicken and black people fried chicken (and Choctaw fried chicken) – all southern fried – and I’ll pick the recipes from black people every time, if I can.

Now, I’m new (relatively speaking) to the ways of frying.  I’m still trying to master it (Knowing the techniques versus actually implementing them are two different things).  My dad’s fried chicken recipe is really, really good (and the chicken fried up by our Choctaw friends is pretty similar), however it’s a completely different type of fried chicken to what is prepared by black people, so to me that is highly important and these are the types of recipes that I am seeking out in regards to frying chicken.

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I should probably write about the recipe for which this blog is named, yeah?  This was my paternal grandmothers recipe that she found so long ago she forgot where it came from.  She would make this confection for the end of year holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, which is now when I make them as well.

So, humdingers.  Is that not just the most adorable name?  Mainly people simply call these date balls, but my paternal grandmother’s recipe came with a really swell name.  Why call them anything but Humdingers?  It’s fitting too as they are extremely sweet and they make me want to exclaim, “HUMdinger!” after I’ve eaten one.

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Banana Nut Bread


I have made banana nut bread before on many occasions.  Our go-to recipe was always located in our Fanny Farmer Cookbook.  Yesterday though, we had some bananas going bad and I stumbled upon this recipe via a Pinterest infographic and thought I’d give it a whirl.

There was a slight problem with this recipe, which I’ll discuss, but it’s the best banana nut bread my family and I have ever tasted.  Ever!  The Best!  I made two loaves to use up all of the bananas, and my parents tore into them like rodents or rabid monkeys… which are probably not good euphemisms to supply when one is speaking on the topic of food.


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